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In 2020 projects we aim to create residences and investment buildings that are more efficient. We can develop high-quality duplex houses that make the most of your site's potential while reducing building expenses to a bare minimum. We do this via creative design and solid, time-tested construction methods.

Our dedicated duplex builders and luxury home builder’s team has created a range of home designs that are incredibly cost-efficient to construct while also making the most of the space available on the lot they are built on. Our skilled staff, along with our well-tested construction techniques and quality assurance, will guarantee that your new duplex or investment property is constructed on time and to the best possible level with the least amount of trouble and worry. We are gratified that many of our customers continue to be with us to develop their houses.

Residential Builduing

For more than two decades, our duplex builders and luxury home builders have been assisting consumers in reaping the benefits of real estate investment and growth. Our relentless pursuit of continual improvement has resulted in designs and processes that are at the pinnacle of their abilities today. From single-family houses to multi-family duplexes, our mission is to help our customers maximise the returns from their site development while making the construction process as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

It is now simpler than ever before to develop property in Sydney with the assistance of our skilled staff, who will help you through the full process from planning to consents to construction. Planning and subdivision professionals on staff may assist you with the full consenting and subdivision process, and your designated project manager will manage the construction of the entire build project, allowing you to deal with a single point of contact for any construction-related issues.

What We're Doing?

We think that the process of constructing should be both fun and stress-free. And we feel that the key to achieving this is simply excellent communication stating to you upfront what you can anticipate throughout each step of the construction process and then following through on our commitment.

Whether you are an investor or developing a duplex for yourself, we want you to feel in command of your project from start to finish. As a result, we want the construction of your new home to be a joyful and exciting undertaking, rather than one that causes you to have restless nights.

 Constuction Renovations
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How Do We Maintain Quality?

Starting a new construction project is frequently one of the most significant expenditures you will ever make, therefore it is critical that you feel secure and protected throughout the process. The fact that 2020 projects offer some of the strongest warranties in the market, however, is what distinguishes us from other companies, our significant commitment to quality assurance. And we back all of our construction projects with these large and comprehensive warranties because we are completely confident in our abilities.

The project manager makes regular site visits to inspect the work, and once a subcontractor has completed a portion of the work and completed their quality check, the project manager goes over the work with their checklist to ensure that nothing has been overlooked and that it meets our requirements.

We are well aware that our duties as duplex builders and luxury home builders do not end when the keys are handed over to the owner. We are fully aware that our responsibilities as duplex builders and luxury home builders do not stop when the owner receives the keys. New houses undergo an adjustment phase during which they appear different, but we are here to meet all of your requirements.

Additionally, modest changes to doors or door hardware may be required in certain instances. As opposed to just waiting for customers to contact us if there is an issue, we take a proactive approach to post-construction quality monitoring by scheduling inspections of each of your new houses.

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When Compared to Other Builders, Why Are We More Cost-Effective?

We take great satisfaction in being one of the most cost-effective construction companies in Sydney. To do this, we have built proven techniques that allow us to construct structures that are both smarter and more efficient.

Every one of our original designs is built using better design practices to avoid needless costs. This translates into more house for your money, as well as greater usable space and comfort in the home. 2020 projects can work most efficiently because it has complete control over all construction activities from the start of the project to the issuance of the code compliance certificates. We manage supply partners and contractors who are familiar to us and who have all been selected based on their previous performance.

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