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For more than 20 years, 2020 Projects has developed from a business to become one of the biggest and most recognised commercial builders in the region of Sydney and across the area. Our on-site personnel are our team members, which enables us to have more control over the final result. This capacity to keep superior control over our projects, together with our dedication to quality and low pricing, is one of the reasons why property developers and other commercial construction companies continue to work with the 2020 Projects team regularly.

Our staff has extensive expertise in all aspects of commercial and industrial construction, including development projects and design and build projects. They offer a wealth of technical and practical knowledge and experience to each project they undertake. Our portfolio, which includes some of the biggest construction projects, demonstrates our extensive industry knowledge in a variety of sectors, including retail, education, healthcare, community, residential developments, and industrial structures.


Our Design & Construction Process

Design and build construction services for commercial buildings have been designed by 2020 Projects to be amazingly effective. We provide a design and build solution that encompasses the whole building design process, from architectural requirements through the interior and landscape design, including commercial design and construction services.

Our design team will collaborate with you to include and satisfy your exact specifications and special criteria. Following the design process, you will benefit from our exceptional building skills, which will allow you to completely integrate your thoughts into a single organisation. 2020 Projects has established itself as a leading commercial builder in the region after many years of delivering high-quality retail buildings and fit outs.

We’re Your One-Stop-Shop for all your commercial construction needs

Many commercial and retail projects have been completed by us. However, the majority of our clients prefer to have 2020 Projects handle both the base building construction and the interior fit-out, we also provide a wide range of services in the commercial and retail sectors.

Commercial buildings in Sydney exist in a variety of forms and sizes, ranging from strip malls and shopping centres to modest suites in technology buildings to stand-alone mega-stores with thousands of square feet of commercial floor area. For example, retail shop designs are often dependent on the things that are being sold. Consider the case of a light showroom, which may need a significant quantity of electrical wiring as well as an appropriate roof supporting system to handle an extensive range of various lighting technologies that are presented in a real-world context. Our construction design contractors understand all these aspects.

Heritage Renovations

Retailers with a large footprint in the region have incorporated many aspects into a common retail building design for the shops that they establish around the country. This is an element of their overall branding strategy and procedure. For example, many big hardware stores use a combination of tilt-up construction and steel building construction in their retail space, and they use the same mix from shop to store across the company. The use of this branding profile in the retail shop layout results in the establishment of a single and uniform look for the organisation.

Our construction project management team can create a retail facility that not only highlights the retail tenant's services but also serves as a platform for the tenant's continuous expansion.

Why Should You Work With 2020 Projects?

Known as one of Sydney's best commercial builders, the team at 2020 Projects has completed high-quality industrial construction projects ranging in size from 500 square metres to 100,000 square metres and across.

2020 Projects offers a comprehensive design and build service for industrial buildings, which includes possibilities for lease return as well as ongoing sales. Throughout our years in the construction sector, we have completed a lot of apartment projects as well. We have vast expertise in constructing townhouses, multi-level flats, and high-rise apartment buildings, among other things. In addition to the famous commercial buildings & apartments, we have been involved in many other luxury development projects as well.

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