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Your new home should be a reflection of your personality, which is why when you build with 2020 Projects, our locally owned and operated builders will work with you to ensure that you get the home that you've always wanted, taking care of the construction side of things while allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects of the process such as selecting colours, textures, and fixtures. We mix your individuality with our more than 35 years of experience.

We can create a house for you that is tailored to your unique personality and the changing demands of your family by combining your input with our skills and experience.

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We Have Plans for All Your Design Needs

Your house development plans may be customised to meet your specific needs. You have the option of getting into your new house sooner with one of our all-inclusive packages that are ready for immediate construction, or you may also choose to rebuild your existing home as well. Alternatively, you may take your time to find a fresh plot of land and then choose and personalise a house design that is appropriate for you and your lifestyle.

Regarding home designs, our collection of home designs is widely considered to be some of the finest available among our peers, with floor plans that accommodate any kind of lifestyle and are well suited to the way of life.

We Make the Process Easy & Simple

If you've ever been through the process of constructing a new house, you'll know that it's a time-consuming endeavour that may seem like it absorbs your whole life. We at 2020 Projects, on the other hand, make things easy. Our knowledgeable builders can assist you with everything from land acquisition to house design and even the selection of the most appropriate financing solutions. We take care of all of the tedious tasks so that you can enjoy your home-building experience without worry.

What Makes 2020 Projects the Best?

Our extensive collection of the best-rated house design provides you with a variety of distinctive and useful design alternatives, allowing you to genuinely customise your home to be unique to you. Our home designs are suitable for a wide range of home constructions, including those on a tight budget, first-time home buyers, families in need of a significant improvement, individuals seeking a more luxurious style home, and investors looking to develop homes and/or multi-unit buildings across the Waverton region.

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Simply confer with our knowledgeable team of builders and architects to avoid the delays and problems that come with completing the process on your own. Our team will bring your dream house to live in within a short amount of time while keeping your budget in mind. You choose your favourite house style as well as any customisations you want to build your dream home. We'll get you settled into your new as soon as possible.

Our competitive fixed contract offers you the assurance and peace of mind that your house will be completed on schedule and within your financial constraints. We will deliver your house on schedule, within budget, and with our assistance at every step of the process if necessary. It is a wonderful time to be building a new home, and 2020 Projects will make the countdown to moving day simple and joyful by keeping you fully informed and engaged during this exciting period and delivering your new home on time and on budget.

When you are constructing your new home, the 2020 Projects team will work with you to select a mutually agreeable completion date. Experience has shown us that greater preparation is necessary, and our teams devote significant effort to investigating expenditures to give you all of your alternatives.

This gives our customers entire peace of mind, as it ensures that they are completely aware of and in charge of any provisional or variable amounts, allowing them to maintain complete control over their construction budget.

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We Have a 100% Commitment Towards You!

  • 2020 Projects has been in operation for more than 20 years, and you have 100 per cent assurance that your house will be finished in accordance with the terms of your residential building contract. 

  • Our approach is one of complete service. Our team is in charge of everything, including project management, tradesmen, and administrative tasks and duties. We make things easy for you.

  • Ultimately, you are in command, and we will construct your new house just as you want.

  • From your desired Waverton location to the design, as well as any customisations and finishing, everything is taken care of. We help you realise your vision.

  • You'll have the assurance of a new home warranty to help you relax. And you'll have more time on your weekends since a new house is considerably simpler to maintain than an older (existing) home.


We’re Available to Speak!

The reason investors like home and land bundles are because they attract high-quality renters while also being low-maintenance and providing financial rewards. 

Are you looking to develop a home and land in the Waverton region? If so, contact 2020 Projects now. Give us a call at (02) 8850 3323 if you need assistance right now.