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Our local team of builders, who are familiar with the requirements of local authorities and land developers, works together to provide you with a competitive advantage. With this emphasis, 2020 Projects can supply you with new home designs and house and land packages that are tailored to your specific lot and budget, as well as your family's requirements.

As one of Glenhaven’s top housebuilders, we strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the final product. Our 2020 Projects team takes pride in our construction guarantees, which assure a high-quality home and a stress-free building experience for our customers.

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Our clients are the most important people to us at 2020 Projects. We recognise that for the majority of individuals, constructing a new home is one of the most significant purchases they will ever make. It has the potential to be both demanding and exhausting.

In contrast to other construction companies, we understand that you are paying interest and renting your house, and we also understand that you need your new home completed on schedule and at an extremely high level.

Our processes are all geared to reduce stress on your part by guaranteeing that your new house is constructed within your budget and within the timeline that you have set for its completion. But, above all, our method is designed to keep you informed, engaged, and satisfied with both the construction process and your new home in the long run.

Our Difference is a Distinctive Feature of 2020 Projects

2020 Projects provides you with genuine warranties and pledges that will ensure that your house building experience is as stress-free as possible.

Standard Inclusions and Exclusions

2020 Projects projects are all pre-priced and pre-quoted to you with standard amenities to eliminate the guesswork involved in the construction process. You know precisely what your house will look like and how much it will cost before you start building it. Because we provide such a diverse selection of high-quality fixtures, colours, and finishes, your house will look and feel everything from ordinary.

Home Builders in Your Neighborhood

The house builders that operate under 2020 Projects are all locals who have a thorough awareness of the local construction environment. You are collaborating with individuals who live and work in your local community when you choose Stroud to construct your home.

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When you build with 2020 Projects, you can be certain of receiving a completely accurate pricing quotation. Our paperwork and quotations are simple to grasp, so you'll know precisely how much you'll be charged and when you'll be charged it.

Our Promises to You:

  • We at 2020 Projects realise how vital it is for you to have your home built on schedule. 

  • We are not a sluggish construction firm, we understand that you are paying interest, that you are paying rent, and that you want your new house to be completed on time.

  • We will provide you with a completely legitimate construction time. 

  • Our construction period begins with the consent of the council and ends with the handover of the property. 

  • We keep an eye out for construction schedules that have been watered down and that provide you with no guarantee about when your new house will be completed.

It all comes down to our highly experienced team and contractors using highly efficient technology that plans and streamlines each step of your construction project from start to finish. Customers will appreciate their building experience since they will be informed of what is taking place thanks to our industry-leading customer communications system. You are collaborating with a team of builders who live and work in your local community when you choose 2020 Projects to construct your home.

Knowing that 2020 Projects is one of the top builders inspected by independent quality inspectors, you can be confident that your house will be of the highest possible quality. Because of our rigorous quality control procedure, which works in conjunction with our team of highly qualified builders and competent tradespeople, every component of your house is tested and inspected as it is constructed.

What Methods Do We Use? 

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We Are Your Local Construction Company!

With your family, your budget, and your section in mind, we strive to construct a house in Glenhaven that is a great match for everyone involved. Contact us at (02) 8850 3323 right now!