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We are a construction and development company that use a collaborative and honest approach to maximise positive outcomes for our clients and their stakeholders.


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2020 Projects is a family owned business that has been operating in the building and construction industry for almost 20 years. With experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction, 2020 Projects provides a range of property services. Their specialties are in new building construction and refurbishments and renovations, where they deliver projects below budget and quicker than expected, providing a ‘value’ proposition to clients.

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"2020 Projects is an excellent project management company. They provided a professional quality job to a high standard, and I would use them again for any of our construction / remediation works."





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"Professional, reliable and easy to work with. I would consider 2020 Projects in works of similar nature in the future without hesitation."


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With more than 20 years of expertise as a successful bespoke builder that specialises in major commercial and industrial projects in Sydney, 2020 Projects is an excellent choice. We are a business with strong values at its core. We are capable enough to provide a complete range of services from initial design to final construction.

New commercial structures on a grand scale are our speciality. These include multi-story apartments and offices, industrial or warehouse complexes, as well as old building rehabilitation projects. Our projects have a value ranging from a lower scale to a higher one and are mostly concentrated in the Sydney region. Although we sometimes work on one-off special projects with other small construction companies as well.

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How Do We Work?

2020 Projects is a much-renowned name in the region as a commercialindustrial, and duplex builder as well as a heritage renovation company. We are a construction company offering services for small and big projects In the domestic, commercial & industrial sectors. Our affiliation with many subcontractors and builders gives our customers access to our extensive network of contacts and years of construction expertise. We also provide full turnkey building solutions that allow businesses to be up and running as soon and effectively as they possibly can. For all types of projects from hotel to corporate customers can anticipate expert integrated designs, fit-outs, renovations, and refurbishments that will inspire and beyond their expectations


Because of our track record of bringing projects to a successful conclusion, we can be selective about the sorts of commercial and industrial projects on which we choose to collaborate. We work with feasible, exciting ventures with good developers and solid banks and, if possible, we want to be engaged from the beginning of the development process. We make it our business to establish a productive and good working relationship with our clients as well as with the consultants that work with us. When we engage in value management activities early in the project planning stage, we can give recommendations to the design team that will help to keep projects under budget and eliminate the need for repetitive work. This assists in ensuring that initiatives satisfy the standards of their funders.

Our dedication to investing in continuous improvement via the exploration of innovative solutions, technologies, and processes helps us to achieve higher efficiency in project management and in monitoring the success of our projects and initiatives. This guarantees that we know that what we are building is constructed properly. Before committing to any modern technology, we take the time to assess the viability of the most recent building processes.

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What We're Here For?

Our objectives define the core business as bespoke builders and our dedication to developing all of the individuals who make up the 2020 Projects team. Our commitment to the welfare and diversity of our employees, our ambition to leave the world a better place, and our efforts to ensure that the construction industry continues to be a fantastic place to work are all part of our objective.

Capabilities of the 2020 Projects Team

An adapting culture has survived at 2020 Projects in addition to extensive construction management competence. Both our office-based and site-based management teams have a direct understanding of the project process. This provides us with a diverse skillset that allows us to provide a broad variety of construction services, including:

  • Projects using adaptive reuse.

  • Projects involving design and construction.

  • Projects using engineered wood.

  • Designing and building in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Projects involving historic structures.

  • Pre-construction services, such as early involvement, are available.

  • Luxury builders’ projects for both smaller-scale construction projects and specialised fitouts are also available.

Our Core Beliefs

Teamwork: Working together, asking for assistance from one another, collaborating and supporting one another for the benefit of our customers, 2020 Projects, and one another.

Relationships: We owe our loyalty to our customers and our employees, and we do it by treating them with respect, being user-friendly, proactive, and solution-focused, and offering unquestionably the finest service.

Consideration: Care for our people, their families, our stakeholders, and the environment by placing the health, safety, and well-being of our employees as well as the environment at the centre of our choices and activities.

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With the capacity, support structure, and competence to conduct projects with bespoke builders anywhere in Sydney, 2020 Projects is the ideal partner. To learn more about how we can assist you, whether you're trying to further your career in commercial construction or you're searching for a qualified head contractor, please contact us at (02) 8850 3323 or you can email us at




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